South Carolina Alliance for Recovery REsidences


Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization focused on bringing Standards, Credibility, Ethics and Excellence to South Carolina addiction recovery residences and addiction recovery communities.


How We Are Helping

SCARR offers peace of mind to those persons aspiring to embrace a better, sober life for themselves and their loved ones. We are helping to create a safer, consistent, more reliable resource in the SC recovery community by holding members to a level of service necessary to encourage self-sufficient and  productive lives.

SCARR seeks to ensure a standard of excellence among its members thus becoming the trusted resource for both professionals looking to provide addiction recovery services and for persons in need of addiction recovery services to find each other wherever they are in the continuum of care.


Who We Are

South Carolina Alliance for Recovery Residences (SCARR) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and recovery community organization (RCO) serving recovery organizations within the state of South Carolina. As an affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, SCARR is responsible for certifying recovery residences that meet the national standard. 

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South Carolina Alliance for Recovery Residences

South Carolina, United States

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