Certified Residences

SCARR encourages quality recovery housing through provider compliance with the National Standard developed by the National Alliance for Recovery Residences. Our certification process is administered through a trained team of professionals who guide recovery residence operators though compliance with the state and national standards for accreditationthe certification process. The length of time it takes to become SCARR-certified depends upon the preparedness of the recovery residence and the willingness and flexibility of the provider. The objective for SCARRboth parties is to achieve successful certification of recovery residences in South Carolina in collaboration with providers.

The process of SCARR certification entails a nonrefundable application fee of $50. Once the compliance process is complete, the provider will pay $200 + $5 per bed over 10 beds to complete certification. The payment is due prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance.

The certification process is comprised of three phases:

Document Compliance

Supporting documentation uploaded during the application process is carefully reviewed by staff for evidence of compliance with the SCARR and NARR Standard. The applicant’s primary contact then receives notification regarding any issues that require resolution prior to scheduling the onsite visit. Click here for a document checklist.

Onsite Compliance

SCARR requires unrestricted access to interview management, staff and resident to ensure that policies, procedures and protocols are, in fact, implemented in the residential setting as described in the documentation. SCARR sstaff assess compliance, under each of the SCARR / NARR Standard domains, to ensure the residence offers safe, dignified, alcohol & drug free, recovery- supportive housing that blends into the surrounding community.

Continuing Compliance

Upon completion of the Onsite Compliance review, receipt of Certification dues, and after the remaining steps have been satisfied, including owner, manager & staff training have been satisfied, , SCARR issues a Certificate of Compliance. Applicants are required to embed on their website a link to the SCARR Grievance Form and to post “Resident Rights & Responsibilities” in each location. Audit & grievance inspections may be conducted without advanced notice at any time to ensure continued compliance

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