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Community Partnership – A Fundamental Aspect of A Successful Recovery Residence Alliance

The South Carolina Alliance for Recovery Residences is a single point of access in the state of South Carolina to not only provide reliable information regarding National and State certified recovery residences to the community, but also to provide support to both residents and operators in these facilities. In order to successfully foster a responsible and responsive community of recovery residences that provide supportive environments with evidence-based best practices of operation, it is critical that SCARR represent more than just operators of certified recovery residences in the state. We need the input and engagement of our partners in the recovery and extended community. Your participation and support enable this nonprofit organization to bring clear and consistent standards and evaluation criteria to meet those standards to the community of recovery housing so that residents and their loved ones can have confidence that they are being cared for with the utmost levels of professionalism and compassion during a pivotal and vulnerable period of their personal development of recovery and resilience. We appreciate your support and look forward to your active participation.

Community partners fees are $30 for individuals and $100 for businesses.

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